Leadership, Stoicism and the Meaning of Life with Fred Kofman


Get ready to be inspired as we sit down with Fred Kofman, an incredible individual who has made a profound impact in the realms of leadership and personal growth. As a distinguished MIT Professor and former Senior Leadership Coach at Google and Linkedin, Fred’s expertise is unparalleled.

In this captivating episode, we delve into the realms of leadership, stoicism, and the very essence of life itself. But what truly sets Fred apart is his ability to beautifully connect seemingly unrelated topics, presenting a transformative perspective on how to discover meaning and purpose.

Prepare to have your mind expanded and your perspective challenged as Fred Kofman shares his wisdom and insights, guiding us towards a more fulfilling and purpose-driven existence. This is an episode you won’t want to miss.

Main topics of our conversation:

Dealing with uncertainty

The key to dealing with uncertainty is focusing on what is within our control – our choice of response. We can’t control circumstances, only ourselves, but that choice gives life meaning.

Self and nonduality

There is an eternal awareness in us that remains even when sensations, thoughts, and the sense of ‘I’ come and go. This awareness is timeless and unchanged.

Memento mori

Remembering our mortality helps us live according to our values now. It reduces ego and helps gain perspective.


True leadership inspires others through expressing values and being an example of excellence. It means giving people the freedom to choose along with the truth and information they need to choose well.

What tastes good vs what is good

We must choose between short term gains that ‘taste good’ in the moment and longer term meaning and purpose. Most choose what tastes good, but that is like ‘junk food for the soul’ and won’t lead to peace.

Steps you can take:

  • Reflect on what is within my control and focus my effort there rather than on changing circumstances outside of my control.
  • Remember that I am not my sensations, thoughts, or the ‘I’ that identifies with them. There is a deeper awareness that remains unchanged.
  • Contemplate my mortality to gain perspective and live according to my values now.
  • Inspire others by expressing my values and being an example of excellence. Give free and informed choice rather than manipulating for a desired outcome.
  • Choose meaning and purpose over short term gains that simply ‘taste good’ in the moment. Find true peace and contentment.

More about Fred Kofman:

Fred Kofman holds a PhD. in Economics from the University of California, Berkeley. He serves as  Senior Leadership Coach at Google, founding president of the Conscious Leadership Center at the Tec University in Monterrey, and founder and president of the Conscious Business Center International.

​Previously, Prof. Kofman served as Vice President of Executive Development at LinkedIn and was a co-founder of Axialent, a global consulting company that has delivered leadership programs to more than 15,000 executives worldwide.

​Prof. Kofman is a former professor at MIT and the author of the trilogy Metamanagement (2001), Conscious Business (2006) and The Meaning Revolution: The Power of Transcendent Leadership (2018).

Read Fre’s Book “Conscious Business”

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